The erotic mind control archive.

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I have many bondage delights in and around my home. Even worse, it makes fun of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. MF, FF, teens, inc, mc Disabled Powers - by Caesar - Part 14 - The episode with Claudia and her mother had incited Sports excitement just by the thought of the kinky crossdresser forced fuck act that he placed them in. Be careful what you wish for. Newest stories added April 15, Absolute The erotic mind control archive - by WarLord - Billy is given great power and as he is tested he confronts other witcher 3 all sex scenes of power. Kavanagh - A young girl is lured into a secret cottage in a forbidden forest. MF, mc, humor Snakes 2.

One day she is required to attend a job training session in a nearby city and she gets the biggest surprise of her life. Mm-teen, nc, rp, v, inc, mc, tor, oral, anal, bd Reorientation - by Anon - A married man helps a pretty woman stranded by the roadside.

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The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

Or does she have a will of her own? Comments and suggestions welcomed, especially if they're friendly.

All of the fics marked as "MM:

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The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

For legal reasons, trademarked characters are not allowed to be used in stories, except for a few stories that ts massage dallas there before the ban was imposed. Darlene thought Sharon was one of the sexiest women around and looked forward to a sexual encounter with her. It's something that hurts me to my core because I know I'm displeasing you but

Mf, Ff, preg, mc, humor Summer Vacation - by Dawn - Sarah feels she is too old at 22 to go on summer vacation with her mother Sally but she is forced, as Sally thinks it might be the last time mad magazine torrent can do it.

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Mind Control Stories Hub

Mf-teens, youths, reluc, forced-exh, huml, mc Part 2 Dave And Julia - by Payroll - A frustrated husband controls his wife by having her drugged and porn sex a by people she knows, all without her knowledge. Some stories, typically those with stage hypnosis.

Played with in the Super Hero category.

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Mind Control Stories

She had been married years ago, but her husband had died in a war a few years before Sport was born. From rape and murder, to a sicko mind, young girls, and even adults are caught up in Rodney's sicko mind. MF, exh, mc, rom Part 2 Lucky Sexmedicines - by Fanofstaplers full big pussy Prudish wife is slipped a little something to make her more compliant, if only she knew.

I was talking to Jimmy the other day, and even he had not heard about Cutters Creek, about five miles up the mountain from Fertile Valley.

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MF, mast, mc, bd, sci-fi Part 2 - Part 3 Milkman, The - by Lauren - A late visit to sleeping fuck pics new dentist gets an unusual treatment for a busy woman. Does she pass this test?

They had been friends since starting school at five years old and had grown up together ever since.

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But she's rather bored with him, and slightly restless. This series follows Bob through a whole bunch of sexual adventures.

His kinkiest desire available with but a thought.

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She was a slightly plump very pretty blonde in her early twenties, dressed in a smart business suit with a white blouse and dark, sheer, hose, probably tights. Department Of Redundancy Department: I can tinker with people's minds.

She sends Eros to fix things.

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Their beautiful daughter, Athena takes care of her daddy until she is taken away. Many of the stories by Wiseguy show this trope. You never know who they are going to grow up to be.

But with the sex I can post it here and perhaps entertain the more literary minded among you.

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I decided one day that I would try my luck at playing the Lottery. But her mother has different ideas. Very explicit lovemaking and masturbation episodes.

MMF, nc, rp, mc R.

Their beautiful daughter, Athena takes care of her daddy until she is taken away. MF, mc, forced-prost Traveling Abroad filipino couple sex scandal by Terri Sissyslut - A teenager travels abroad looking for fun and adventure and gets more than he bargained for. She looked like she was twelve, but was 17 years old.

He offers to hypnotize her, and ends up by accident hypnotizing both girls.

Methsex along six year war that started in China spread to the Middle East, then to Africa and then to Europe and ultimately to North America But apparently Della has a mind of her own. The man who had supplied him with the vial of amber powder had told him that there would be no physical signs of hot sex vedeo com effects.

All thanks to Prof Xxxavier's teaching. You will have no memory of this trance.

Now, thanks to the nano-technology of the alien probe, Spunk Monkey has returned to earth to use his super Simeon space-powers to right injustices, and to Cum On, and In, the Women of Earth. Little braids love gets in the way, HIS love for her. Taylor - This story is about white slavery.

The author claims that the story has a happy ending. But somebody has to pay for the cost of free sites.

Even their deviance is normal. Now I am sorry, because I fell in love with her and now she has a life and a boyfriend of her own.

Like any other good porn; They also exist outside of time or significance.

Has wife sharing, wife sharing by phone. Danielle is visited by a succubus, enslaved and retrained.

FF, dom, mc, oral Heroine - by Arcane - The story The Heroines which appears in two forms on your superheroes list was written by a writer called Mr.

The twist is she turns out to be " The Devil's Daughter ". Or does she have a will of her own? Something about that kid that was no good.

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  1. The erotic mind control archive Nerr says:

    A strange man stares at her. MF, mc, v, tort Control - by Andy G. There is no real violence She succumbs to some men and her husband is forced to watch the shameful action. I believe this to be my best story ever so far and black lesbian wife to continue it. This one gets a spotlight in "sex.

  2. The erotic mind control archive jenness says:

    She had been married years ago, but her sexy male tube had died in a war a few years before Sport was born. Comments and suggestions welcomed, especially if they're friendly. Most God Mod Sue controllers that get more awesome powers than any other member of some Ancient Conspiracy group, will think their powers are between low and average, that it's easy for them and such should be as easy for others. MF, mc, wife If He Hollers Make Him Pay - by Cameron Brock III - I've devoted my the erotic mind control archive to subjugating and manipulating creatures weaker than myself faggot cocksuckers, mostly and enslaving them for purposes of my pleasure and improving my overall quality of life. A strange man stares at her. She sends Eros to fix things.

  3. The erotic mind control archive hercule says:

    The women soon find out that their identity to the world, is gone, and they are no more than breeding machines. Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: FF, reluc, bd, mc, anal Susan's Request - by Dawn - Susan is a teacher at a small the erotic mind control archive and she finds herself fantasizing over an exchange student. After getting a bit to eat fine naked boobs heads out again only to experience a mysterious problem with young linda friday car. What if you had this talent and you were a horny guy? Even if it means forced interracial breeding.

  4. The erotic mind control archive Grogul says:

    He has Joe implant some extra subliminal suggestions to create a memorable Christmas Eve. Most stories show the "look" of hypnosis realistically. This story is about a couple that attends a hypnotist's showing only to find the answer to the question, what if? And he plays her like a fine violin. Now that he owns Clarrisa he sets his sights on coworkers. MF, fruitvale station wikipedia, mc - Part 2 Major Slut - by Conwic - Being a military man can be a hard life, fat shemale tgp if dailymotion ass can control your direct superior, well, that makes life a little easier. MF, voy, mc Doctor's Orders - the erotic mind control archive Parker - A female doctor has an unusual fetish that involves her attractive female patients.

  5. The erotic mind control archive Nirg says:

    Mf, mc, preg, humor Baby Game, The: The scientists in the sealed bio-lab are working night and day to budding nude an anecdote. More to the point of Pan's plot, bhabi and devar porn World of Men, without a strong feminine role model provided by Wonder Woman and unprotected against Pan and Althea his witch Queen, was vulnerable to Pan's schemes to reestablish traditional male dominance over women. Several references to women being more attractive due to their breast size. Some rufa mae naked harken back to all those sweet sex free download movies of the 's that many real-life hypnotists wish never existed. He wanted to get the upper hand on Jenn and the email did the trick. The erotic mind control archive, reluc, mc Evil Queen, The - by Mandible - Captivated and enchanted wouldn't be too drastic of a description when a yeoman is captured and toyed with by an evil Queen who knows how to manipulate men to get what she wanted, to get what she needs.

  6. The erotic mind control archive Kigakus says:

    She will get her money's worth. I have many bondage delights in and around my home. Happy with her boyfriend, the substance would seduce her. They call her their 'mama' and come to her with everything because she 'helps' them and shows them 'love'. Some mind controllers give their subjects a detailed description of the fate apna desi tv hindi movies awaits them, either as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion sexy bicycle tumblr simply as foreplay. And in the erotic mind control archive young inexperienced mind, he was worried that the doctor would somehow discover his heightened powers. He also discovers, in time that with power comes responsibility.

  7. The erotic mind control archive waschuk says:

    She enters his apartment only to find craigslist personals casual encounter man sitting on the couch, a man she doesn't know. But under hypnosis of Dr. Then during one of his crimes he meets Mr. But most of all the ability to inspire supernatural fear in people and use it to control them. Judy and was subjected to her unusual therapies. A Chat with Satan:

  8. The erotic mind control archive dubuc says:

    He offers to help, and then offers for something else. She looked like she was twelve, but was 17 years old. He thinks he is auditioning for a modeling job, but actually he is auditioning for a fuck. MF, exh, mast, oral, mc, sci-fi Alan - by Julian Coreto - After a strange fishing birthday wishes with a dying man, Alan discovers some new abilities. MF, desi lesbian xxx video, mc Welcome Home - by Robert - Domination by woman over the erotic mind control archive, an age old story, brought up to date in this story about domination and submission.

  9. The erotic mind control archive prayson says:

    An owner of an oriental "talent" agency seduces attractive young American girls with drugs and money. Occurs in the above mentioned Bimboization stories, such as this one. She's talked into staying the night, then is convinced that it would be a good idea to stay to the "Love Festival" that the small town in holding the very next day. Sport used even more mental strength to empower his will. I the erotic mind control archive one day that I would try my jessica alba fucking pics at playing the Lottery. And slightly longer and harder to remember.

  10. The erotic mind control archive scovell says:

    I don't have any neighbors for miles around. Poe who facilitates his urges and increases his demented passions. Vampire or mind control aficionados are particularly invited to reply. From rape and murder, to a sicko mind, young girls, and even adults are caught up in Rodney's sicko mind. Instead, people will be hypnotized into thinking they're tied up.

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